The Learner Advancement Program is designed to offer practical career guidance with real life examples.

Discovering self-identity, Understanding self and others and the Learning environment

  • We have designed key topics that focus on discovering self-identity and identity challenges, understanding self and others, building self-esteem, and understanding arrogance and its impact on others. The main objective of this offering is to build and maintain self-confidence. The learner self-awareness process includes a personality assessment and is designed to promote an understanding of self and underlying personality traits. After these sessions learners will be encouraged to continue to build confidence in their school environment and community.
  • There is a focus on discussing the environment within which learners find themselves and provide tools that can help them to navigate the environment, remain focused on building their self-confidence, improve their conduct and self-image, and remain dedicated to the goals they have set for themselves.

Choosing the appropriate careerĀ 

  • We provide insight into sought-after professions and jobs with high earning potential, as well as future career trends in South Africa and abroad. There is also a focus on various career types to assist learners through the process of nurturing career aspirations.
  • Key topics include;
    o Guidelines for choosing the appropriate career.
    o Identifying, understanding and dealing with learning challenges.
    o Insight into sought-after professions and jobs with high earning potential.
  • A formal career expo is facilitated with key role participants including businesses and other subject matter experts from various sectors.

Additional support and appropriate interventions for individuals and learner groups

  • Additional sessions are offered to learners and learner groups that are experiencing unique challenges. The LAG consultants remain accessible to learners, educators and parents to facilitate career discussions and to offer other forms of assistance.
  • Our organisation is able to partner with various institutions (e.g. the Department of Social Development) to ensure that we offer the required assistance and solutions to challenges that learners may experience. Information disclosed to the consultants remain confidential and will only be used to facilitate the resolution of challenges.
  • Learners are encouraged to identify and implement a community development initiative. By being actively engaged in community development activities, young people start to make an investment in their community, as a result they develop a strong sense of responsibility, leadership and pride in what they have accomplished.

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