The Minds and Hearts Programme (MHP) for Grades 8 to 9

Formerly known as The Learner Advancement Programme, the objective of this intervention is to influence in a positive way the Minds, Hearts, Attitudes, and ultimately the Behaviours of learners. During and after the programme’s connect sessions, learners develop strong self-awareness, self-concept, and leadership skills. Participants learn to identify existing strengths, threats, and challenges that negatively impact their well-being. There is also a focus on turning challenges into winning opportunities. They are left “fired-up” to pursue life dreams and desires.

The programme covers nearly 21 sessions that are presented over seven to eight months. It is facilitated for two hours per week, on a weekday afternoon or Saturday.

The Brilliant Basics Programme (BBP) for Grades 10 to 12

BBP is a practical or hands-on Career Coaching Programme intended to help learners identify real professions or qualifications and perform towards achieving the required subject levels. Participants learn to track current and potential performance needed to achieve the minimum admission requirements required by relevant institutions, including qualifications and other programmes or plans they wish to pursue after Grade 12.

Nearly 18 sessions are presented sequentially from Grade 10 to Grade 12, for two hours per week on a weekday afternoon or Saturday.


Psychosocial support and additional initiatives

  • Individual Life Coaching sessions are accessible to resolve personal, family, school, and environmental challenges that negatively impact the well-being of learners.
  • Individual Career Coaching is also offered to help learners identify career interests, prepare for Grade 11 final examinations, and effectively work towards Grade 12 exit plans and life after high school.
  • Grow partnerships with parents, school-governing bodies, educators, experts, important role players, and working as a collective to reduce the high school dropout rate.