List of critical skills, jobs and professions in demand

Using seven sources of information, we have put together a list of important jobs and scarce skills that continue to be in demand in South Africa and other countries. This document will be shared with learners to help them understand various opportunities available to them. We cannot claim that the list is 100% accurate and that it includes all skills and jobs our youth can aspire towards, but we are confident that it covers most critical skills and jobs that are currently in demand.

The main aim of this initiative is to encourage individuals to take the responsibility for their future and start to research about various jobs and trades in line with their interests, talents and aspirations. Our constant message to learners is that they should keep exploring new careers, jobs and trades in order to create realistic goals and keep abreast of trends, changes and other developments.


Organisations and institutions that offer free learnerships and skills programmes

We are in the process of establishing strong partnerships and collaborations with organisations that offer free skills development programmes, learnerships, internships and vocational skills training. We will make this information available to learners when visiting schools and on our social media platforms.