The Learner Advancement Programme is an after school and formal learning programme that focuses on influencing in a positive way the Minds, Hearts, Attitudes, Conduct and ultimately the Behaviours of learners. During the sessions, our team of dedicated facilitators connect with and support learners in; discovering life dreams and desires, nurturing strengths and aspirations, and dealing with identified challenges to remain motivated and career-focused individuals. We believe that a practical and hands-on approach to learner support and career guidance is necessary to ensure that the existing and discovered aspirations and talents are nurtured from an early age (and lower grades), this will, in turn, improve subject scores and the overall performance in and outside the school. The programme is structured to build strong mental and emotional health, leadership skills followed by realistic career actions and achievements.
 It consists of the following three main pillars:

1) self-discovery (defining life and career goals)

2) choosing the appropriate career (formulating realistic high school exit plans with clear goals)

3) individual life and career coaching (resolving unique challenges that hinder the learning process)


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