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The pilot project and proof of concept commenced in February 2019 to test the viability of the programme and the continued existence of the organisation. Activities for the year included secondary initiatives designed to support the learning process and to add value to the LAG service offering. This work also provided the opportunity to assess the programme’s potential for success, areas to improve, and to define a roadmap towards a fully sustainable organisation. Following the successful 2019 pilot project and achievements, the management remains fully committed to the vision and goals.

Stories of Impact 2019 highlights final sml

What the 2019 participants told us has, in turn, inspired the LAG team, including management and teams from our partner organisations. The opportunity to make a meaningful contribution in the lives of our young heroes is truly a privilege. 

“I have honestly never had a programme/class where I could clearly understand what is being said and I could relate to all topics. Keeping in mind how I have been behaving before I had a chance to attend this programme, I truly appreciate your help.”
“It has been so amazing; I honestly wish you guys can come to my school.”
Iviwe Fumile: “I thank LAG for changing my life. I feel I am a better person, with self-confidence. I know who I am and what I want in life. I have learnt to use all information and knowledge to improve my strengths and talents. I wish this programme the best and thank you guys for teaching us about things that will make us better people tomorrow.”
Mpho Khomotsana: “Thank you LAG for allowing me to be part of the programme. I have learnt a lot which I didn’t know in life. Keep teaching the South African children and keep up the good work.”
Usenathi Kitshini: “Big up to the LAG team for their dedication and commitment. It takes love and courage to come to our communities and make a huge astonishing change to our lives.”
Bonolo Gaeepe: “I am starting vacation work tomorrow where my mentor is works. I am nervous at the same time happy that I will get to apply all the skills I learnt in the programme.”